Stay at Ours!


Our staff at OCD-Me is trained in organizing any space. We will recommend and purchase the containers, binders, bins or baskets that you need to make your space efficient and easy to navigate. Just placing items in their "correct" home will create a simplified environment

We do it all: garages, closets, pantries, drawers, offices, cabinets and refrigerators. We can then schedule a 'tidy' appointment. After getting to know your home, we can keep up with the organization. If you'd like us to come back monthly, quarterly or yearly to get things back in order- we are here!


OCD-Me is not a replacement for the traditional cleaning lady- if you're blessed to have one- we are more like having a "wife" (everyone could use one). Let us go into the places that have been neglected! If it's drawers you need organizing, we will clean them as we go. Is it your linen closet? Let us vacuum and wipe down your shelves! Cleaning services are great for general cleaning, let us get into the nooks and crannies.   

Moving? Do you need to purge? Moving in? Let us help. Need help putting all of your holiday essentials away? Have a rental/property for sale that needs a face lift? We can take care of that too. It's nice to have a clean home for all of your belongings.


The staff at OCD-Me will not only help you discard, but detach from unnecessary clutter that makes cleaning and organizing more difficult. The less we have, the less we need to maintain. Who knows, you could bless someone else and make your life easier as well. 

Let us create a "contemplation table" to consider a discard. THEN, we will handle hauling it away for you. Whether it is a charity of your choosing, trash or treasure for the attic- we will take care of it. 

Our Commitment at 4or Girls Retreat

We are dedicated to making your stay stress free and relaxing! For starters- everything is sanitized! From the door knobs to your remotes- to the mattress covers and duvets- everything is kept pristine for each guest.


We are a text away from dealing with any problem or concern! So exhale, order your ala-carte items and have everything at your fingertips. 

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