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Our staff at OCD-Me is trained in organizing any space. We will recommend and purchase the containers, binders, bins or baskets that you need to make your space efficient and easy to navigate. Just placing items in their "correct" home will create a simplified environment. 

We do it all: garages, closets, pantries, drawers, offices, cabinets and refrigerators. We can then schedule a 'tidy' appointment. After getting to know your home, we can keep up with the organization. If you'd like us to come back monthly, quarterly or yearly to get things back in order- we are here!



OCD-Me is great at keeping up with the investment of your home. Once we have helped you purge, organize and find great real estate for everything, we can then train a cleaning crew to keep up with it! First, we deep clean! Let us go into the places that have been neglected! Everything gets cleaned from top to bottom. Cleaning services are great, but often they don't rotate items like fans, baseboards and the like into the routine. Once we get your home where you want it, we can train one of our cleaning staff to not only clean, but help keep everything in it's home!

Moving? Do you need to purge? Need personal home management?  Let us help. Have a rental/property you need managing? We can take care of that too. It's nice to have a clean home for yourself and for your guests. 



At OCD-Me, we do it all! If you need a refresher, building a new home or moving, we can help you find your look! We do small jobs (hourly contract) to builds/renovations (working as part of your budget). Let us help you transform your home from one style to another, or take it down to the studs! No project is too small!

We can help you love your home again, or the new one you are creating!

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