Plan Some Meals

Let our staff shop and stock your needs so you can immediately begin to enjoy your stay!

 1. Email Arrival Date and Time

 2. Give Complete Shopping List

 3. Shop At Home Idea

The Open Door

Need a vacation read? Dive into a true memoire of family cycles of dysfunction and abuse- and how they were broken.

 1. Email Your Arrival Date

 2. Your Book Will be Signed and Waiting!

Get Comfy

Why not have matching robes for  lounging, watching movies or coffee talk?  Personalize for your occasion!

Cook Now or Later

Try our infused oils while you stay with us or when you get home!

Match Your Theme

Matching t-shirts will be waiting for you in beautiful gift bags with your custom theme and sizes!

 1. Place your order with our favorite Etsy t-shirt    designer: Ashley! It will arrive at the retreat house!

Organic and Delicious

Your dream wine! Low sugar and no additives or pesticides- all made from the best vineyards in the US and abroad

 1. Email a Day and Time to Speak with Our Wine Specialist - Order Personalized Wine Glasses Too!

Girl Talk

Enjoy your morning coffee-talk in personalized vessels! Cozy in around the fire or sit outback on the deck!

 1.Place your order with our favorite Etsy Mug designer: Michelle! Your order will arrive at the retreat house!

Theme it Up or Take it Home

Enjoy our fresh salsa with all your favorite tapas or eggs in the morning! 

4or Girls Signature Drinks

Sweets are for dessert! Try our seasonal drink! Summer: Vodka, fresh berries and signature lemonade!

 1. Email Arrival Date and Time

 2. Specify Amount of Women

 3. Cheers!

Organic and Delicious

Order your favorite flavored, freshly made popcorn and it will be waiting for you!

 1. Email Our Movie-Night Specialist!

 2. Provide Your Arrival Date and Order! 

Charcuterie Board

We can provide the freshest and gourmet ingredients from all of our local markets - THIS could be a meal!

Hit the Spot

There's nothing like our butternut squash soup! But try them all- just add a cheese board and crusty bread!

Tomato Sauce

Have at least one meal that will be easy to prepare! Try our homemade, canned tomato sauce using local produce!

 1. Email Your Arrival Date

 2. Your Sauce will be waiting for you!


Let us worry about your breakfast- and you can grab it right from your freezer! Made with peanut butter, honey, flax and the freshest ingredients!

 1. Email Your Arrival Date and Order!


Make the Most

A special touch means everything! Imagine everyone having an itinerary on their pillow with all of the fun-packed ideas awaiting them!


It's everyone's favorite! Cut with grape tomatoes, chicken broth and feta cheese- it will be yours too! 

Welcome! Designed by Deana Cerniglia